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what is a web server।  What is Webserver in Computer?

What is web server, we are going to see in today’s article and how the web-server works, we are going to take all this information in today’s article, you must have also sometimes thought that from the mouth of many people. If the webserver is down or the server is down,
what happens is this web-server A few days ago, all the WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram servers were also down for 6 hours, so what are these web servers, let’s know today’s article In.


What is a web server and how does it work?

If we want to understand web-server, then for that it is necessary to understand the server first. A server is a type of computer system that is connected to an internet connection and provides data to another computer or website if needed. If it is spoken in simple language,
then if a computer provides a resource to another computer, then the computer sharing it is a share and the other computer is its client, then in this way different for different tasks Web-servers are created or created by servers such as Facebook’s server, Instagram’s server or web server.

How many types of servers. Let us now know how many types of servers are there.


FTP server

FTP server i.e. file transfer protocol, which is a very old Internet protocol, through which you can send a file to another place on the Internet, it is called FTP server i.e. file transfer protocol FTP user needs to organize file safety file transfer file. Provides convenience.

mail server

If you work in a company, then you will know that many different types of emails come in the company, apart from this, old emails are filled in the inbox, all these emails will be friends somewhere like anyone on your mobile. Data videos and photos are there, in the same way, all these emails are also there somewhere, so they must be there or not, this is called a mail server.

File server

Whenever you prepare networking between one computer to another, a local area network is created there and from there, files are copied and sent from one computer to another, then in this process, file transfer protocol is used. Is.

Audio server


Nowadays there are new music and video platforms where audio lake is used as for example we take Spotify which is another yoga platform and Netflix is ​​used for videos and you all Know that these are all online platforms, so the multimedia that they have, this multimedia is stored somewhere in their servers and data is shown to them on the request of the user from their servers. All this data is stored in one place and it is shown to them on the request of the user, you must know that this is called audio server.

chat server

The chat server is such a platform, with the help of which we can talk to each other in seconds, no matter how far we are from him, we are in one country and another person is in another country, even then we can talk to each other in seconds. We can talk as you know through Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, we can talk to any person from any place, all those chats are stored on the chat server.

proxy server

You must have heard about it somewhere, of course, it is such a procedure. A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway through a user’s computer or the Internet, through which it can connect to client computers and other networks. Creates an indirect network, if any website is blocked by you in any school or any college or any office, then we can easily access
it through proxy server like we can see any website on our computer system but that If the system that connects to the server of the website is some other server and connects to another server, then this system is called proxy server.

Now let’s understand what is a web server.


A web server is a type of software and anyone searches news and anything from it, then whatever data the server has, it transmits to the user, this is the job of the web server whenever you send a request for a webpage on the internet. If all the web servers deliver that web page to the user and that user gets the thing, that is, a web server is a machine with the help of which any data is delivered to the user which is stored in it.



In simple language, you will know that many big websites host their websites on big servers and blogger’s hosting. And if someone hosts your website on any server, then any user searches anything, then whatever is written about the content, it is the job of the webserver to deliver the content to the user and this thing She also charges money for it, although Google’s servers are free, Google, you can use it for free, blogger is its name.
If you know, then let me tell you that thousands of websites are created on the Internet every day and millions and crores of contacts are uploaded, then all this content is posted on some hosting, then all these files are stored on the webserver, then the user On demand, the webserver does the work of bringing all this data to the user, the webserver works for 24 hours and is connected to high speed,
so if anyone searches there at any time, then the work of the webserver is their Whatever data they have, should be shown to the user and in a few seconds you get to see all the data, whatever your problem is, these web servers never stop, they keep running round the clock and their work is to store the data. It has to be done.



So friends, what is a web server, we have seen in this article today, give complete information that whatever information we knew about the web server in this article, we have definitely tried to bring it to you if you like this article. So do share it with your friends and if you have any question, you can tell the time in the comment section below, we meet you in a new and wonderful article, till then wherever you stay happy and keep reading our articles.

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