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what is the meaning of teleprompter Teleprompter is trending very much since yesterday, in today’s article we will know what is teleprompter and why it has so many searches, why people are searching it so much, and what is its relation with our politics. Are going to see today’s article, so let’s start on this article, what teleprompter

More searches are being done on social media regarding Teleprompter and more is being talked about, so why is this discussion going on, this is what we will know in today’s article, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has tweeted about it and after that, it has come in trending. And more and more people have started searching what is this teleprompter, today we are going to give you information about the trend going on on social media on Teleprompters.

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On Monday, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had participated in the World Economic Forum Davos Summit and during this time his speech had to be stopped due to some technical problem after that, the discussion on the real teleprompter started only after that many more of this thing Comments are being made and Rahul Gandhi has also tweeted about this on social media.


What is Teleprompter? What is Teleprompter what is the meaning of a teleprompter

Teleprompter is known as Tokyo and prompter and it is a kind of device on which something is written, you can read it from a distance and you can read some of it like a book, it is a big screen and Some script is written in it, you can read it as soon as there is some screen of your TV and laptop and in this way, something is written which is visible to the user.

In simple language, if someone wants to read something, then it will be shown to you on that day and by looking at it, you can read what has been given on that day, it works like a kind of projector, so something like this How does a teleprompter work?


what is the meaning of teleprompter: You must have heard TV news many times, which is read very fast, so what do you think all that news is what they remember, so it is not the place where the camera is set, the work of teleprompter is done below it. He is on you and whatever happens, he is standing in front of the camera, it falls to that teleprompter and we think that he is telling something by remembering or from his mind, then news channels also do the same thing.


Many times the news anchor is holding a remote in his hand, you must have seen that many times this happens, it is the remote of the teleprompter and it is remote to adjust because that should be the speed of the lines of the teleprompter partner. At the same time, as a person moves, he uses the remote to how he will adjust and it is used to read news channel speeches and dialogues, etc. Most leaders use it to give speeches and we think that he is speaking from his heart.

How does a teleprompter work? What is Teleprompter

A teleprompter is like a kind of screen and text is shown in it through reflection and looks like glass in front of it and who is on its opposite side or it is called user. Looks like it looks like a car text on our phone or like you are reading this article right now



What is Teleprompter?

The Teleprompter was conceived by Hubert Schafly in 1948 out of the need to replace the use of cue cards in live acting.


How does teleprompter work?

teleprompter, also known as an autocue, is a display device that prompts the person to speak with an electronic visual text of a speech or script.


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