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what is SSD, Hello friends, in today’s video article, we will tell you what is SSD, that is, what is a solid-state drive. Or the information about how it happens in our computers is what we are going to go in today’s article, so let’s start this article and know what is SSD.

 Mostly we use HDD only in the computer i.e. we use hard disk and this is the most in our computer or laptop, that is, we get it till about 1 TB, the SSD is less, so in today’s article, we will know that what is the work of SSD and why this CD is so small and what is it like that we will also know in today’s article.

 What is SSD? What does SSD mean?

 SSD means Solid State Drive and it is a secondary type of storage that comes with HDD, some computers come in it, some computers do not come in it, we have to put it from above, you can store data in SSD also but What is its real use, we will see later in an article
 SSDs are much faster than HDDs because, like HDDs, SSDs do not have any spinning disks to read and write and do not have mechanical armies, so in Solid State Drives i.e., SDDs have only one type of data to store and receive. Because of the use of flash memory ie Night Ship, SSD is faster than hard disk drives and at the same time uses less power.
 If your hard disk drive takes 40 or 50 seconds to start while continuing to boot your computer, then STD does the same thing in just 10 or 20 seconds, it depends on the storage of your SSD SSD also has different storage. As compared to 250GB, 500GB hard disk drive the cost of yes dd is much higher that is why most of the computers today use the hard disk as a storage device and hard disk gives you more GB of storage SSD compared to

 Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD in Computer

 By now you must have understood that a hard disk drive ie, is better than SSD, gives you good speed, so this success has both advantages and disadvantages, that we see now.



 SSD’s mechanism uses electrical circuits inside the text and that’s why the speed of data expressed in SSD is microseconds and that’s why SSD is called fast and provides you more fast memory than YZHD G though SSD gives you less storage, so it is considered equally important to use a hard disk if your computer has SSD, then your computer will run faster and any software will be opened very easily.

 power consumption

 Due to no moving parts, the SSD consumes less power and thereby reduces the consumption of your electricity bill and you may also feel that the laptop which has a successful ie solid-state drive That the Laptop Battery Life Gives You

 reliable and durable

 If you talk about SSD, then this CD is very strong and durable, it provides you a very good experience as compared to HDD, even if your laptop falls, your data remains safe and there is no loss to your SSD while hard disk If mechanical parts are attached to it, because of this, if the laptop falls, then it becomes more likely to break and get worse.


 storage capacity

 If we talk about SSD, then in this HD you get a lot of work to store data and if you use a laptop or computer then the files which are there which are different new applications are software. The size is very big, you get to see the application software up to 1GB, you get to see it, but you can’t even get that much storage in SSD. SSD comes in the range of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, which is not satisfactory You have to install HDD to store other files, that is, you do not have to put a hard disk drive in your laptop or your computer because even if your storage is more, you should not have any problem.


 Hard Disk Drive is used in most laptops because it is also cheap and no one pays much attention to SSD because no one is aware of this, then this article will definitely reach them if you have a laptop or computer. If so, it is very important to know that when I had taken a laptop for the first time, then my laptop also did not have an SD card, so my laptop also used to run very slow, then I installed 215 GB ie SSD.
 So if you talk about the price, you get to see quite expensive as compared to the hard disk drive and this is a huge disadvantage because usually, 512GB SSD costs around ₹6000 and against 1TB hard disk if If you take, you can easily get it for 3500

 no noise

 There are no mechanical storage circuits in SSD, so you do not get to see any kind of noise in solid-state drives in successful or not, they work in very silent, which is a good thing unlike it in HDD i.e. in hard disk driving You to get to see the noise because the hard disk is present in them, data is stored on mechanical parts, so because of this a lot of noise is generated, apart from this memory chip is used in SSD and that is why there is no type in SSG. You don’t get to see the sound it’s a good thing

 how to know if the computer has SSD or HDD

 Solid-state drive means SSD and to check whether you have it in your computer or not, follow the steps given below and check whether your laptop has SSD or HDD or both.
 First of all, press the window + R key simultaneously on the keyboard in a computer or laptop and you will see a run box on the screen, something like this


 After that, you have to type “dfrgui” in the ask box
 Now the Disk Defer Management window will open on your screen and your computer has SSD or HDD ie Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive, it will appear in the column, from there you can find out whether in your laptop or computer. SSD or HDD


 So you must have liked this article, what is SSD and how to find it there in your laptop or computer, you must have also come to know, then hope you have liked this article, then we meet you in a new article. Along with tech, keep smiling with tech news till then, keep smiling and keep reading our articles, we will keep bringing new interesting topics like this for you, so see you in the next article till then bye

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