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What is Blockchain?

What is Blockchain?, What is called Blockchain? Advantages of Blockchain, Disadvantages of Blockchain, What is Blockchain? What is the existence of Blockchain?, What is the use of Blockchain?

In today’s time, there is no one who does not know blockchain because nowadays everyone must have at least heard the name of blockchain, so in today’s article, we will know what is called a blockchain, what is this blockchain, where does this blockchain work. Is it possible to earn money from it and know the whole thing about blockchain so let’s start this article?

Nowadays bitcoin has been very much discussed because this bitcoin is also a cryptocurrency based on blockchain, although there are many different cryptocurrencies in the market that work on the blockchain, so what is this blockchain complete information in today’s article we will know. And know what works of this blockchain

What is Blockchain


Everything is in its name Block i.e. block contains all the data i.e. block swing technology and in this block, all the data is blocked and there is a selection linking all this i.e. its data is crypto-like it’s here are kept and such different boxes are connected to each other, then this thing is called blockchain, next, we will know in full detail how one works and what is its use, what are its advantages and what are its disadvantages You will get all this information to read in today’s article, you will have to read the article till the last, then you will know all the information.

What is bitcoin?

You have also heard its name many times, bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency, that is, it is not visible, it is just in the online virtual world as it is metaverse if you did not read the article of erasing verse, then you can read that too. The bar must have heard the name of bitcoin, the year 2020 has been very difficult for the country and the world, but this year bitcoin has made an all-time high.

And all this happened because of Blockchain and this goal is becoming more and more popular and you also want to know what is Blockchain, so we told you this as an example that how much was the price of bitcoin and In today’s time, how much has the price increased only because of the blockchain, so let’s know what is a blockchain?


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What is BlockChain?

What is Blockchain Now let us see that its full meaning is hidden in its name Blockchain is a technology in which the first block and second chain mean cryptocurrency data is kept in the inbox and there are many different boxes like this They are connected to each other and they form a very long chain, as soon as any new data comes, it is entered in a new block and as the data comes, the block will be filled with data, as the block is filled with data. So it is linked to the previous block other blogs are created and all the data goes into it, so this is how the blockchain works

What is data?

Now we know that what is this data and how data works then this data is entitled to the previous block and it is not three things for you so let me tell you to understand that the data in the bitcoin blockchain has its transaction details, which are the sender, receiver and the information like account which is kept in this block, then these data is used through these blocks and the data is encoded through cryptography technology and it Blocks are connected to each other and each block performs cryptographic asset transactions with the cryptographic data from the block behind it and each block is connected to the block next to it.

What is a hash?

We know what it is, you have also heard its name, it works the way our biometrics work like every human has got a unit fingerprint same way it works and if someone has got one Made some changes in the block i.e. if it changed then he would have to change the data of all the blocks ie Hajj because all these blocks are connected to each other recovery, so no single person can change this data and there is no data change in it. There is less chance of being leaked or if you change the data of anyone’s block, then you will have to change the data of all the blocks.

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1. What is Bitcoin?

In This article, we will discuss bitcoin also

2. what is blockchain?

blockchain is the chain of blocks

3. how to use blockchain?

blockchain is used for many purposes



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