What is Black Hole Sun About| Best about black holes 2022

what is black hole sun about

What is Black Hole Sun About, What does a black hole do?, What is black hole made of? What happens in a black hole NASA? Who invented black hole?


So you must have heard the name of black hole, so in today’s article, we are going to get information about black hole only, then what happens to this black hole, what is its use and all the information we have about it, we will give you today. If you are going to tell in this article, then this article will be till the end, only then you will know complete information about black hole and you will have complete introduction about it, so let’s start this article and know What is Black Hole Sun About

What is Black Hole Sun About
What is Black Hole Sun About

What is black hole in simple words? What is Black Hole Sun About

Black hole This place is found in the space where no laws of physics work and there is no meaning of time and space here, there is only gravity and darkness, that is, you can understand in this way that a full circle and which is full of gravity and pulls everything into itself

what is black hole

What is Black Hole Sun About And its gravitational force is very high, as you did not even imagine because in this black hole very big things can also be pulled here, such as our planet and planetary chain, big things like these can be pulled very easily. And its power is very high, it can also pull light, that is to say, that is to say, whatever goes into the black hole, it cannot get back out.

If we understand as an example, then let us tell you that if we put a battery or torch at some place, then the flashlight you have installed will collide with something and then after reading it on your eyes, you see that thing, then you have done science.

I must have read that there is such a place in space which is called black hole, where if you put a battery, you cannot see anything, that is, the black hole also pulls the light inside itself, that is, all this happens through the force of gravity. and this gravitational force is very strong which keeps any thing inside


That is, you can say that a black hole is such a place that when it comes to the end of any star or any planet, it goes into the black hole and never comes back out, so in this way it is black. Hole works on this, many different experiments are going on and there are many different experiments being done through the scientist, not much information about it yet with concrete evidence, just this theory and some factory is involved in it

Who discovered black holes

If you must have heard the name of the Greatest Scientist Stephen Hawking, then according to him the outer part of the black hole is called the Event Horizon Horizon and according to Stephen Hawking, due to Hawking radiation, one day the black hole can disappear completely by becoming free of mass. And the discovery of this black hole was done by Karl Schwarzschild and John Miller.

That is, it can happen that if you leave your planet and go out in search of another planet, then you come out of the spaceship, then if you see a black hole in front of you, then if you get caught in it then Its gravitational force can take you inside it and you can be burnt to ashes on its surface or you can easily reach inside it and you can go to its infinite depths

There is no concrete proof that all these are possibilities, but it is a theory or no one has ever seen it, it is also said that the way a black hole pulls everything inside itself, then a white hole can also be in a space. It is the place where all the things come out, that is, all the things inside the black hole are pulled inside through the force of gravity, so the white hole is also such a place from where the whole world is made here i.e. as soon as a star or When a planet comes to an end, it moves towards a black hole

In the same way a star or a planet is born in Whitehall and the journey from there to the black hole is life, so there is such a theory.

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