So far it has not been officially confirmed and it appears to be just another rumor on Twitter. However, her fans were worried that the social media star didn't break her silence.

However, fans are hoping that he will come and interact with them as soon as his last post is at 6pm.

He is also referred to as a "lifestyle consultant" in the description of his YouTube page. Most of the time, Kevin uses his social media presence to engage with the audience while sharing his news.

Rumors of death spread on TWITTER There is currently no official confirmation of Kevin's death. The news first surfaced on Twitter, with fans expressing their condolences.

Meanwhile, a social media site called gossiointhecitytea shared a screenshot of a message stating that Kevin had died.

The message read: "CLR ADV He doesn't know the apartment number but to ask Kevin Samuels at the front desk, CLR ADV has a guy 

who won't respond to location (breathing but not awake or conscious)." Although the message says "Kevin Samuels", it's not clear if it's the YouTuber