What is Teleprompter 

What is Teleprompter | what is the meaning of teleprompter | best info about teleprompter 2022

What is Teleprompter 

Teleprompter is trending very much since yesterday, in today's article we will know what is teleprompter

Teleprompter is known as Tokyo and prompter and it is a kind of device on which something is written

What Teleprompter Means

What is Teleprompter?

you can read it from a distance and you can read some of it like a book,it is a big screen and Some script is written in it, 

What is Teleprompter 

In simple language, if someone wants to read something, then it will be shown to you on that

How does teleprompter work?

A teleprompter is like a kind of screen and text is shown in it through reflection and looks like glass