keep them contained away separately from your personal ones once you clock out. Adam Scott leads as Mark Scout, a depressed, alcoholic widow who elects to take on

The scene is combined with a masterful parallel action sequence as Mark’s coworkers Helly (Britt Lower) and Irving (John Turturro) have their own real-world revelations

Helly is in fact a high-ranking Lumon employee who has been promoting the Severance program even as her severed self rails against it

And Irving, having embarked on the year‘s best workplace romance with Burt (Christopher Walken) before Burt is forced to retire, finds Burt out in the real world for the first tim

What happens when their “outie” selves take back over, with no memory of life at Lumon or any of these earth-shattering moments? We have to wait until next season to find out—and at least,

In his appearance on the Little Gold Men podcast last week, Scott acknowledged that he does know more about the world of Severance than the audience