Namely, his dissociative identity disorder has split his psyche into two: Mark Spector, a stubborn American mercenary, and Stephen Grant, a soft-spoken British gift shop employee.

However, sensible viewers of The Moon Knight have learned a clue about Mark that Marvel Comics fans are familiar with: Mark's spirit has a third identity. 

And in the last scene (perhaps) the last episode of Moon Knight, the audience finally met him: Jake Lockley. In the comics, Jake is a street taxi driver

but on the show, audiences begin to suspect - after Mark or Stephen collapses when their lives are in grave danger - that Jake is capable of instigating large

scale acts of violence. But it wasn't until Jake's credits scene finally appeared. He rescues Ethan Hawke's Arthon Harrow from an asylum, 

throws him in a limousine and kills him in the name of the Egyptian god Honshu. End of the series!

But then a dark-robed figure places Arthur in a wheelchair, transporting him through the asylum, where we see on the floor that someone has been killed and replaced

 This character takes Arthur out and throws him in the limo - and in the back of the limousine, Arthur meets Khonshu.