does have a distinctive style—it’s just that all of his authorial signatures involve massive explosions and dizzying drone shots.

Listen, one great skill I have is talking to cops. Cops love my movies around the world. I mean from Italy to Paris, whatever.

Ambulance producer and New Republic Pictures president Brad Fischer wasn’t on set for the incident, since it was so early in the shoot,

According to Fischer, using real police officers isn’t uncommon for Bay at all. In fact, Bay is a bit of an expert on law enforcement at this point, Fischer says.

It’s part of how he adds the realism that grounds some of his most bombastic action movies “Even from just an authenticity standpoint,

Fischer says, “it’s obviously a lot easier if you don’t have to explain to an actor. A cop knows how to hold and carry himself or herself.

They’re just the real deal. It doesn’t always work, but if you look at the tactical stuff they do, it looks real because it is real.