A new North Carolina congressman discusses this and other disturbing images in the nearly eight-minute video released Wednesday. 

He was recorded speaking live with what he called the "weird" accusations, centered around recently leaked photos of him posing in underwear and being touched in the groin by an aide.

I've never seen such a coordinated attack on the politics of an individual other than [former President] Donald Trump,

Kotorn said in the video against the backdrop of the American flag. He added that even though the fake news lied about him

he believes "many of you still have questions." In a tweet posted late Wednesday, Kotorn reconfirmed the video, saying he was "rude to a friend and trying to be funny.

Kotorn said he and his friends were "acting stupid" while calling the video a "new hit." Politico published a report last month showing Cawthorne wearing underwear to a party. 

Kotorn was ridiculed for his conservative Christian views and branded a hypocrite. "This article is a nonsensical story that, apart from being a congressman,

, I'm sort of an attraction queen, and this is really bad journalism," Kothorn said. Cotorn again brushed off the photos,