to discuss inclusion and representation in Asia and address anti-Asian hate crimes and misinformation. .

While many of you know your BTS as international Grammy-nominated icons, they also play an important role as youth ambassadors who promote 

a message of respect and positivity," said a White House press secretary. Karine Jean-Pierre. Each member of the boy's band spoke on stage 

mostly Korean - after a Jean-Pierre performance. RM, the band's leader and the only member of the band who speaks fluent English, began by thanking 

Jean-Pierre for his "friendly words" and introduced the band. "Hello, we are BTS and we are honored to be invited to the White House today to discuss the key 

issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity," he said. The other group, through an interpreter, said it had "given the White House to

stand with" the AAPI community "and celebrate. "We are overwhelmed by the recent rise in hate crimes, including Asian hate crimes." Today, thanks