Hm...satisfactory weather, streets which might be paved with celebrities, a cultural melting pot

what is now no longer to love? Oh yeah, and did we point out the salaries of the highest-paying jobs in California

Unless you are making plans on turning into the following Leonardo DiCaprio,—we are able to most effective

Highest-paying jobs in California Job titleAnnual mean pay1. Surgeon$248,1002. Psychiatrist$236,930

3. Obstetrician and gynecologist$236,7304. Nurse anesthetist$227,2905. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon$222,1806. Orthodontist$220,410

7. Chief executive$216,5208. General internal medicine physician$212,5109. Physician, all other; & ophthalmologist$210,140

10. Airline pilot$208,07011. Family medicine physician$203,32012. Pediatrician, general$200,270

13. Natural sciences manager$188,71014. Computer and info systems manager $185,64015. Dentist, specialty$184,560

16. Judge, magistrate judge, magistrate$184,34017. Architectural and engineering manager $179,86018. Lawyer$173,970

19. Marketing manager$169,20020. Astronomer$164,13021. Supervisor of police & detectives$158,120

22. Financial manager$156,50023. Dentist, general$155,67024. Nurse midwife$154,500