was charged with assault with a lethal weapon after Los Angeles police said he jumped onto the stage at the Hollywood Bowl,

The attack was recorded by bystanders carrying cell phones. An eye witness told NPR that the comedian ironically spoke of his 

increased safety during a straightening routine prior to the incident. Others said Chapel spoke about the recent Oscar incident,

Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences investigated the incident and banned Smith virtually or outright from all of his shows for 10 years.

Chapel reportedly said that Smith and Rock's actions resonated with him. Some viewers also posted videos of Chappelle, who was later joined by actor Jamie Foxx 

and comedian Chris Rock, another festival performer. "Is that Will Smith?" asked Rock as the crowd laughed.

Chappelle appeared unharmed and reportedly joked that the assailant was a "trans human". Earlier on set