by JoJo Siwa and an unforgettable musical moment at the end of the episode, the NBC comedy reality series has a live premiere.

The premiere on Tuesday, May 31, AGT marks the return of judges Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergar, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum and moderator Terry Crews. 

And one of the performances started with four nets from the panel, but the kitschy song became a worm in the audience's ears, 

so in the end the three jurors (all but Vergary) sang and replaced their voices with yes. Here we list the best auditions of the evening, all of which won four awards from the jury 

The pop group performed their original song "Candy Hearts". The group consisted of an entertaining icon of Siwa children and his mother Jessalynn Siwa,

who cheered support from behind. The girls demonstrated their singing, rap and dance skills and put each child in the audience.

The Wizard incorporates mysterious card tricks and rap into his work, including an original song inspired by hip-hop musicals. Her performance and the