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Sell Girls Feet Photo Make Money Online | What is Instafeet: Hello friends, in today’s article we will talk about a website named Instafeet and know what is this Instafit website and whether this website works properly or is there a fraud website, we will know about it in today’s article. We are going to tell you complete information about how the website works in today’s article, so you will read this article till the last, only then you will know the complete information about this website.

Sell Feet Pictures Make Money

Sell Girls Feet Photo Make Money Online | What is Instafeet? Instafeet review | sell feet pictures make money app


Friends, this is a website that gives you money to show your feet and through this website, you can take photos of your own feet and put them on this website and through this, you can earn money, whether you are a girl or a boy, it makes a difference. It does not matter, but you can also become a creator here and all the people who come to see will buy your subscription, after that they will see your contact.


You as we told you that Instafeet is such a platform that you have to put the photo of your feet on this website and through that you can earn money and anyone will have to pay money to see your contact i.e. have to buy a subscription. Only then will he be able to see your feet, that is, if you can see your feet, then this website works on this concept, so if you also want to work on it, then how to do it, we will also tell you further.


Is instafeet safe? sell feet pictures make money | sell feet pictures make money app


Instafeet claims to be safe for all and this website is hundred percent safe this website claims that there have been complaints of some pictures being stolen from the Isaac website, but it’s only platform where you can do it online. You can earn money, whoever buys your pictures, pictures of your feet will get you money or not whether that person will have to buy your subscription, only then he will be able to see your contact, will be able to see pictures of you or will be able to see pictures of your feet.

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Instafeet is completely safe, says this website and only people on this website will be able to see your pictures who buy your subscription or give you money, then through this also you can earn money online if you like making money online If yes, then you can buy money through this website, it is very good for women because more and more women have good feet, then you can earn money in this way in any online way.



How does Instafeet work? | Sell Girls Feet Photo Make Money Online


By going to Instafeet website, you will first have to create your profile, after that you have to select whether you want to become a crater, either you will have to select it and you will have to enter your email id on it to sign up, you will have to enter your full name. You will have to enter your location and basic information will have to be entered on some information about you.

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After that you have to select your username and you have to set a password and like we have already told that after that you have to select the option do you want to become a creator or subscribe then after submitting this you have to fill the captcha came of Manor Robot and you have to click on Next button.


After your registration, you have to start posting contacts, you have to upload at least five good quality photos and you will continue to upload photos as you keep uploading photos, your profile will be shown in the feature member and from there you will be subscribed Will start coming.

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After that you have to upload your photos and you can set the price of your photos and you have to keep the price of your photos at least $10 because initially the subscriber will like to pay less money as they get the hope contact that you You will also be ready to pay more money and at most you should not keep the price of your subscription above $10.



After you upload your photo, you will be given a profile, its URL will be something like this which you have added the username first, while the username will also appear in front of your URL and after that you will get your account and social media You have to share on an account like Twitter Instagram Facebook LinkedIn and if social media platform like quora god you have to share your contact so that your engagement is bigger and your contact is seen more and more and you make good money.

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You must be at least 18 plus to become a send on this website, only then you can create an account on it, for this you will also have to give a photo ID and within a few minutes your account will be created inside this website, but one thing Keep in mind that you will have to pay at least 10% commission in this website to this website, whatever you earn, your processing P and maintenance will be deducted.


INSTAFEET PAYMENT OPTION | sell feet pictures make money app


This website pays you twice a month and on the 15th of every month the payments are rolled out to you, then on the 15th of every month i.e. twice a month, you will get the money you dream of selling your subscriptions.


This has a very good advantage that you do not have to pay any money, you have to know that you have to create a free account, after that you have to upload your photos for free and as the rich of your account increases, you will get more subscriptions and after that, You can earn money.


And one important thing is that if you want to take all this subscription money in your account, then what will you do?

It is important to have the most important Paypal account, you will have to enter the PayPal address here, only then you will get all this money on your Paypal account and from there you can transfer money to your bank account, then something like this You get payment option on this website



Is Instafeet safe? Sell Girls Feet Photo Make Money Online



This website says that the website is 100% secure but some members or members had complained about it and the complainant believed that the photos uploaded by them have been leaked and their id has been tampered with and their id Although these cases were not made public and after that very few cases have been registered on this website, most of the social media platforms are public but this platform is a private platform, so the photo you will upload to you. Only your customers will be visible, this means that you will get your photo for very few people to see, what to do for this that the risk will also be less


Instafeet This website says that it has installed different types of firewalls on its website, due to which the chances of data leaks are very less and this website also says that this website is also deployed from cloud storage


Is Instafeet legit?


So know that this website really gives money or is there any fraud, then let us tell you that our flight is completely safe and completely legate, just you have to put your original photos and you have to upload unique photos. It is legal to see and sell such pictures in all countries, so all the information given on this site is correct and here too you can earn a lot of money, but keep one thing in mind that you can put any stolen picture here. If you cannot show this website, then it will remove the website and contact.



How much can I make on instafeet?


On this website, you will be able to earn as much money as it depends on your customers, how many customers you have, the more customers you have, the more money you will be able to earn and in the beginning you have to keep a little less money and as you become popular. By the way, you can increase your price and you will be able to earn more money from it.



On this website you can charge from $5 to 100$ for your photos so for example you can see that if you have also charged $5 then now you are able to send 10 photos every month before the 15th So you will get paid $45 and out of that you have to pay 10% commission to the site


Just you have to keep in mind that you have to be ready in advance with a high-resolution camera or smartphone which can click good photos of you or else you have to use a photo editor also you have to use that to make your photo more attractive. Because of this you will get maximum money and you can earn up to $500 in 1 day


What types of pictures do I post on Instafeet?


you can upload any type of photo on this website just you have to keep in mind that you have to show your feet and you can also show your face and you have to beautify your feet and when to make more designs


Or you will have to make it attractive so that more and more subscribe and you will have to take care of your feet as well, you will have to march your feet, you will have to do pedicure if you want you can also do some color enhancing makeup and you will have to make your feet the hairs also have to be completely removed



And keep in mind that you create the same account and do not upload stock photos because if you do this again and again you will be banned from this website permanently, you can change your photos in different types of designs and your feet look more beautiful can do something like this



Other things you may want to know about instafeet


You need to know more information related to this website if you want to earn money by working on it.


Is it mandatory for me to show my face on this website?

No, you don’t need to show your face on instafeet and it doesn’t allow you to show your face but if you show your feet in your photo then you can upload


Sometimes people want to see your face then you can upload a photo by showing your face as well


Can we put pictures of our hands-on Instafit?

No, as you must have come to know in the name of this website that this website is Instafit i.e. you only have to upload the picture of both your feet on this website and you do not have to upload pictures on this website wearing socks.


Who buys photos on Instafeet? Sell Feet Pictures Make Money

Any group or person who likes or needs some feet for online company or any brand or need any thing can buy this thing and get attractive photos if anyone wants it. People can buy from this website and you will get the money received from it if you are a creator.


Different painters and artists who call their work in creative ways are looking for such different creations, those who like artworks, then they can also come to this website and buy pictures and subscribe, then its You will get money if you work on this website


Foot modeling agency come to this type of website or company like these and buy pictures so that their business is benefited, their business is big.


And if the pictures displayed by their advertisements can be made good and attractive, then big companies like them that make foot related products, as shoes have become sandals, then companies like these products have to be made for new feet. If pictures are needed then people can also come and buy pictures on this website.


The world is full of strange types of people, you must know that there are some tree lovers among them, who like to see photos of feet, then they are very much fan of those types of photos, they also come. You can buy these photos and print them at home or use them


And this website can print all these photos anywhere because they have the right to use these photos in the advertisement of movie production houses and any company, so if you also want to earn money by working on this website then these Be prepared for everything if you don’t want to show your feet to anyone then don’t go to this website


Final conclusion


Sell Feet Pictures Make Money Instafeet This website has been created by many individuals and many groups or organizations and its main purpose is that you can showcase your feet and big companies can buy these photos and use it in their advertisement or big business. Movie house production house can make attractive picture using your foot or any artist painter can use it to make some attractive and unique pictures, its main purpose is and through this you can also earn money, then if you show your foot you can make money. If you want to earn then you can register on this website

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