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How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen From Certain People |

In today’s article, we will tell you how you can hide your last seen on WhatsApp for only a few people, so in today we are going to get information about this, so let’s start this article more. Know that you have to go through this article till the end to know in detail about how to turn off or hide the last seen of your WhatsApp for a few people, only then you will know the complete details and by applying it, you can use it. so let’s start


You must know that the WhatsApp app is the most used app worldwide, with the highest download of WhatsApp in the world and the security on WhatsApp is also very good for you to see, you get the feature of end and encryption on WhatsApp. Due to this, the privacy of your message remains, but if you do not want to show anyone you’re last seen,
then how will you set it, this is what we are going to see in today’s article, as well as some people you are going to see in the last scene. You have to show the scene and not show some people from the last, how will you do that, we are going to see in today’s article.
You can use two methods to see or hide the last seen on WhatsApp, both of which we have included in this article today and will tell you how to hide your last seen on WhatsApp.

How to hide WhatsApp last seen from certain people.

Method 1

How to Hide WhatsApp Last Seen : On your WhatsApp, if you do not want to tell any person about your last seen and hide your last seen from him, then the easiest way is that you have to delete his mobile number first and after that, you have to go to your privacy settings and
your last About the scene Only my contact or only my contact have to be set like this, then after that, the person cannot see the last seen of your mobile number, after that you can save his number again.
  • First of all, you have to go to the contact of your mobile number and delete that number, which you do not want to show your last seen.
  • We will now tell you how you will do that setting, first of all, you have to open your WhatsApp application.
  • Go to settings> account privacy> look for last seen and they pick the option> my contacts only and then save



By doing this setting, you will have to save your deleted number again so that that new number will not be able to see your last seen because after making that setting, then your last seen will not be visible.

second method


In this method, you have to do some setting in your mobile and through that, you cannot show your last seen to another person i.e. few people means you can select yourself who to show your last seen and who not to show.
  • On your iPhone or Android phone, open WhatsApp.
  • Go to the bottom menu and select Settings (on iPhone)
  • If you’re using an Android phone, hit the three dots icon in the upper right corner, then select Settings from the drop-down menu.


  • Tap the Account option on the Settings screen.
  • Tap Privacy on the Account Screen.
  • Tap Last Seen on the Privacy screen.
  • On the following screen, select nobody.




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