How to delete snapchat group | How to delete Snapchat group I created 2022 Best info

How to delete snapchat group | How to delete Snapchat group I created 202

how to delete Snapchat group: Today’s article, we are going to inform you that how you can delete the group created on Snapchat, we are going to tell you complete information about it in today’s article, only then the article will be on till then you will get complete information will be known


What is SnapChat?


You all know  snapchat is a social media platform on which you can share different types of images and videos, through Snapchat, you can work on it just like Instagram and it is a social media platform. And on this you can also create your own groups, you can also create your own pages and in today’s article we are going to tell you how to delete Snapchat group, let’s know the complete information.

how to create group on snapchat in 2022 | best info

How to delete Snapchat group I created 202

Snapchat app is a social media platform in which you see different types of videos and photos on which you can also create your videos by opening an account and you can also create your groups in which you can add your friends and their friends. You can talk together, if you do not want to talk to anyone, then you can remove them from that group, if you want to delete the whole group, then how to do this, we are going to tell you in today’s article on Snapchat. You can also create stories just like you can create stories on Instagram, in the same way you can create stories on Snapchat



how to delete Snapchat group


  • how you can delete or leave a group chat make sure you read the article till the
  •  first of all you just have to open the on SnapChat so if you are interested end and now let’s get started and
  • then you have to go to the chat section so tap the chat icon given at Snapchat app the bottom bar and
  • here you just have to open the group that you want to delete or exit now here you simply have to tap on the group name given in the top right and
  • then you have to tap the three dots doing that will give you a few options and you just have to choose the first one that says leave group so it will tell you what will happen when you leave this group
  •  so leaving this group will also remove you from its story snaps and chats you have sent will be cleared and any chance you have hidden will be restored all right so,
  • that’s all happens when you leave any group chat so if you are sure about it simply tap leave and as you can see the group got disappeared means you have successfully left the group chat on SnapChat

Other features of snapchat

There is a feature called Bitmoji inside Snapchat, where you can put the emoji of your choice on your profile. If so, in this way you can also use your Bitmoji


On Snapchat account, we told you all the information, how to delete the snapchat group, the purpose of today’s article was that how to delete the group we have created, then we have told you the complete information if you face any problem. Will definitely tell in the comment section below, if you need any more information, if you have any other information, then you will definitely tell us in the comment section below, we get you another day stay happy with the article till then

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