how to create group on snapchat in 2022 | best info

how to create group on snapchat in 2022

how to create group on snapchat in 2022: Hello friends, in today’s article we will see how you have to create a group on Snapchat, so to chat, we are going to tell you all this information in today’s article, so it is very easy for you to follow step by step. In this way, you will come to create a group on Snapchat, then there is no problem, just follow the settings given to you and you can create this group in a good way, come on Snapchat to know more information.

how to create group on snapchat in 2022

So friends, in this article, we will see how we can create a group chat on Snapchat, so we are going to tell about this in detail in this article, so you have to read this article completely, only then you will know the complete information. So let’s start this article and know how we have to make group chat on snapchat so without any delay know the settings

how to create group on snapchat in 2022 | best info

how you can create a group chat on snapchat so if you are interested make sure you read the article till the end and before i start make sure you have allow our notification and now let’s get started,

  • first of all you just have to open your snapchat app and then you have to tap the chat icon given at the bottom
  • corner of the screen on the corner next to the corner option the chat icon and
  • ┬ánow you have to tap on the message icon new message icon uh you might find it at the top for android device and for ios device you might find it at the bottom right corner
  • so tap on new message, here you will see the option to create a new group so as you can see you can chat, with up to 100 friends so now snapchat

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allows you to create a group with as many as 100 friends what you need to do is simply tap on it and now here you will see all your friends that you can add to this group

all right or you can even

search the your friends by name so just

have to selected

your friends whom you want to add to the


and then click on

chat with group at the bottom


so this will create the group as you can see you created the group and added these two friends all right and if you want to add more people you can simply type add to group and again you can add people and you can even invite your friends via link all right so that’s a new feature right here so that’s how easy it is to create a group and you can edit your group as you want you can add a name for your group so that’s how you can easily create group and have a chat with all your friends on snapchat i hope you found


If you have come to know about how to create a chat box on Snapchat, then you must share this article with your friends so that if they also want to create a group chart, then they can also create it and share it with their friends. If you can talk together, then you also need some more information about this article and more about the settings of sharechat, then I can tell in the comment below, let us meet with a new article till some new day, wherever be happy

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