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How do I see who blocked me on Snapchat?


How do I see who blocked me on Snapchat, Today in the article, we are going to see that how will you know if someone has blocked you on Snapchat, then we are going to take full detail about it in this article, so if you are new to this website then check your notification Bell on so that we keep telling you such new mobile settings and social media settings, so let’s start this article today and know how you will know that someone has blocked you on Snapchat. Or not


By default, Snapchat does not send any information or notification to its users if someone has blocked it, so if you have a doubt and want to check it, then you have to find out through some settings how you can how to find if someone blocked you on snapchat

How do I see who blocked me on Snapchat

Before this, we have to see the terms and conditions of our Snapchat and try to understand it, there are options in who can see your Snapchat stories.



My friends: People who follow you or are on your friends list

Custom: You can choose who wants to see or can see your Stories

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Not busy any kind of notification to your users when someone block them so if any of your friend removed from your contact list or you can’t see his/her stories and used to see earlier then there are chances that he/she blocked you have blocked


So there can be three possibilities that your friend has blocked you that person has disappeared from your contact list then you can search in your Snapchat search engine if not then you might have been blocked by him


Your friend has hid you if that person is visible in your contact list and if you send them a picture they will not receive this message

or third possibility is your friend has deleted his account

How do I see who blocked me on Snapchat

  • If you are having a conversation with someone like your friend recently and then later you have to follow some steps to check whether he has blocked you or not
  • Check your recent conversations with that person
  • First of all open snapchat and click on speech bubble icon it will open all conversation lists
  • If the person you suspect has blocked doesn’t appear in the conversation list even though you’ve had conversations with them recently
  • If that person’s name is not visible in your contact list, then it is possible that he has blocked you, but for confirmation, you must see the next paragraph.


If you have not interacted with that person recently, then how can you check whether that user has blocked you or not?


B Try searching for the person’s full name How do I see who blocked me on Snapchat

If you have been blocked by that person, then even after entering the full name of that person, his name will not appear in your contact list.

And if you search for that person who removed from your friends list then you will find their account and you will be able to show them your snaps if they have not contacted you then you will also appear in their contact list and you will also see their snaps

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If user appears in search result then you can get option to add as friend it means user has deleted you from his friend list


FAQS general level questions


How do you send a text if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

You can’t send any type of message or snap until he unblock you on snapchat if that person blocked you then there is no other option to send text message

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Does blocking someone delete your saved messages?

Reply No If someone has blocked you, the messages sent by them will not be automatically deleted.


When you remove someone from a snapshot, do they appear in your Add Me list?

Technically yes if you unfollowed someone that means you don’t follow them anymore the result is just that person is still following you but you are not following them Add me list of all those users have followed you but you have not followed them back


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